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We use compassion and innovative technology
to make the world a healthier, happier place


Our Values

Innovate to Better Health

At Lark, we...

Apply leading-edge technologies to the prevention and management of chronic conditions. We’re innovating how, when, and where care can be delivered.

Driven to Impact

At Lark, we...

Care deeply about the impact of our products and relationships. We think and act like owners, making tough decisions while knowing there are tradeoffs with everything we do to reach our end goal…improving health outcomes for all we serve.

Act With Compassion

At Lark, we...

Believe that every person deserves care and compassion. We honor the humanity of our patients. We foster a culture where everyone is met with respect while showing up as their authentic selves.

Together, We Win

At Lark, we...

Recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As a team, we engage with positive intent, offer candid feedback, and collaborate with kindness to achieve our shared goals.

Freedom to Be Awesome

At Lark, we...

Are trusted to take risks, are expected to be curious, and have fun along the way. We have the freedom to be awesome!

Hear From Our Team

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