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Lead DevOps Release Engineer

Job ID: 729 | Type: Regular Full-Time Employee

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Lead DevOps Release Engineer

  • 729
  • Engineering
  • Regular Full-Time Employee
About Lark
Lark is the world's largest A.I. healthcare provider, servicing nearly 2 million patients living with or at risk of a chronic disease. Lark is a companion app on the user’s phone providing real-time coaching, guidance, and health insights to users. We are on a mission to disrupt the healthcare industry and make the world a healthier, happier place. Come join our team!
The Role
We are looking for a talented Lead DevOps Release Engineer to join our growing team!  In this role you will deliver high-quality and reliable services to our users.  You must also have a relentless focus on automation, visibility, process improvement with the ability to deliver. Everything we do is in AWS, using Kubernetes and some serverless technologies. We want to automate it all and are moving to Argo.
What You’ll Do
  • Approach CI/CD and release engineering from an automation and software engineering perspective so that our Software Engineering teams are enabled to safely release their own services across environments
  • Automate delivery of new products and services and improve the delivery of existing Kubernetes, serverless and AWS products
  • Manage AWS products integrated into our services
  • Train our users in diagnosing issues with their deployments
  • Move us forward by evaluating and implementing tools for our delivery pipeline
What You’ll Not Do
  • Offer unquestioning support; it’s our job to help our users help themselves
  • Accept manual processes
  • Work in isolation; we work closely with developers, infrastructure engineers and within our own team
What You’ll Need
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines using tools such as GitHub actions, Jenkins, ArgoCD etc…
  • Expertise in AWS, particularly Cloudformation
  • Able to build secure and efficient Docker images and deploy those images to Kubernetes
  • Fluent with Helm and/or Kustomize
  • Familiar with with test / QA automation as part of deployment pipelines
  • We require you to be fluent in one or more of the following programming languages: GoLang, Python, Java, JavaScript
  • Experience in Argo a big plus
  • Prior Experience with HIPPA/HITRUST/SOC 2 compliance and security is a big plus
Working at Lark
Lark offers the option to work remotely in the United States.  For Colorado Applicants only: minimum annual salary is $150,000  (minimum salary varies for other geographies). You may also be offered a bonus, stock options and/or benefits.  The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
Lark is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We believe that diverse teams foster innovation and add to our mission-driven culture. We strongly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

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"As trite as it may sound, the thing I love most about Lark is the people. I genuinely love working with my colleagues at Lark. Everyone is so supportive of each other and always willing to offer insight or lend a helping hand."

-- Jared

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All Lark Health jobs are remote, employees must be based in the United States.

Affirmative Action: Applicant Invitation to Self-Identify

Lark Technologies, Inc. (“Lark”) is an equal opportunity employer. As required by law, we must record certain information to be made a part of our affirmative action program.

Applicants for employment are invited to participate in the affirmative action program by reporting their status as indicated below. In extending this invitation, we advise you that: (a) workers (applicants) are under no obligation to respond but may do so in the future if they choose; (b) responses will remain confidential within the human resource department; and (c) responses will be used only for the necessary information to include in our affirmative action program. We are a company that values diversity. We actively encourage women, minorities, veterans and disabled individuals to apply.

Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment and will not affect your opportunity for employment or the terms or conditions of your employment.

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